When I started the Ableton course, I’ve never took in to consideration the chance of using a computer to create music. I was just a musician that needed something new and wanted to work with music. I knew that I had to open my mind to loads of different styles by using different means to broaden my experience.
The lessons with Martin were full of fun and well structured. He is not just a great teacher, he actually cares about his students, helping them develop their creativity and encourages their emerging abilities. After completing the basic/intermediate level, I was already able to create music on my own, and this has been a launch pad for me to try new and exciting ways to become the best artist I can be.
Thanks to Martin’s course, I found my way in the music world and I hope will be the first steps in brining me as far as possible in this industry. There is nothing better then turning my life-long passion into a real profession.