I have completed Martin’s Beginner and Advanced courses in Ableton Live. As a songwriter and producer, I can absolutely recommend both courses.
Software-wise, I had used ProTools rewired with Reason for many years; since doing Martin’s courses I have jettisoned both in favour of the more flexible and, frankly, more fun Live. Martin’s Beginner course will give you a solid grounding in creating music with Live. It covers the program’s core functions, essential music theory, sampling skills and more.
You’ll finish the course fully able to create, arrange and mix your own music in Live. The Advanced course takes things to the next level. While the Beginner’s course will make you entirely comfortable creating your own music, the Advanced course is all about turning you into a capital-P Producer.
Martin and Vas cover everything from classic studio production tricks to the latest Ableton-enabled apps, as well as going in-depth into mixing and mastering. I would wholeheartedly recommend both courses, particularly if you’re looking to push your skills and pursue music on a professional level