Martin Clancy and his team have provided me an excellent opportunity to dive into the world of Ableton Live. Via Skype and its share-screen technology, we have been able to close the gap between NYC and Dublin to go over Martin’s course program.
The video conference calls are not only an opportunity to get a step-by-step understanding of Live 9’s immense parameters, but also an opportunity to ask questions and get past the traditional challenges of learning a new application.
Martin has been able to curtail his lesson plans to my specific goals/strengths. As a student, I wanted to utilize my musical background in piano/percussion and limited experience in traditional recording and merge it with my day-to-day interests/experience working at a record label.Using Live, and Martin’s program to create remixes, mash-ups and create my own original comps etc, it has re-connected me to my own ability to play/create/improvise. With my exploration still in its infancy, I feel more excited and confident about the potential future outcomes.
(A&M/Octone is a joint venture with Universal Music Group)