Public Outreach

Science Gallery/SIGNAL series

Sponsored by IMRO and partnered with the Science Gallery Dublin and the Trinity Long Room Hub, Martin designed and hosted an 18-month series of events, ‘SIGNAL, Conversations about technology, creativity and music.
All events were held between 2017 and 2019 at the Paccar Theatre, with several sold out in advance.

The events were structured around topics ranging from live coding to augmented reality. The “Signal Careers” event marked the first time all major music colleges participated in a large-scale public engagement event. Participating institutions included BIMM, BCFE, UCD, DCU, CIT, Limerick University, DIK, DIT, Trinity, Pulse, STC, Maynooth, and RIAM.

Signal returned in May 2021 with ‘Signal – meet the maker’, an interactive interview and demonstration with Martin Clancy and Ableton 11 lead designer Simon Hayes.

signal logo

The Starman Project

In 2018, as part of ‘The Starman Project’, Martin led a series of initiatives to anchor a year-long “Mission to the Moon” education programme.

Working with CIT BlackRock Castle Observatory (BCO) as their STEAM education partner, he developed an educational plan for both the Space Week on October 4th and the Science Week on November 12th of 2018.